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TAA Design Studio is a Dallas-based firm specializing in antiques and architectural interior design. From running a successful husband-and-wife design built firm is a burgeoning business of lifestyle design offering full service interior design services helping clients transform their homes. Being avid personal collectors of antiques and mid century furniture, their design studio showcases a blend of diverse periods of furniture and accessories under one roof.

What makes them unique is they offer a total package to their clients.

TAA Designs has established a reputation for creating elegant and sophisticated interiors which blend the classic with the contemporary, pushing the boundaries of design through the exploration and experimentation of materials, intersecting the disciplines of architecture, technology and design. Their up to date practical knowledge and experience in the construction industry, brings a rare quality of creative design combined with technical understanding to their projects. They pride themselves on their successful design chemistry.  We value the idea of always learning something new and thinking outside of the box. Each project is designed with close attention to detail, managed and implemented with great care helping customers unlock the potential in their homes.

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