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Availability & Returns



Please contact us for availability of piece and for more information on condition.


Flexible hold times and extensions for pieces submitted for client presentations. 


All sales are final! No refunds!

All items from online or in-store sales, custom orders, and vintage items are sold in ‘as-is’ condition with all sales final and no returns. Vintage items will show imperfections consistent with their age, and buyer should assume no restoration work has been performed by TAA Design Studio unless an agreement has been made for specific refinishing services. Listed pricing for any item purchased online or in the studio does not include shipping, packaging, or refinishing costs unless expressly noted.

Outside conditions beyond the control of TAA Design Studio can affect the life expectancy of any furniture, and TAA Design Studio neither assumes nor offers any warranty on TAA Design Studio-label, vintage, or refinished/reupholstered items after they are retrieved from its studios. 


For reupholstery, clients acknowledge that yardage quotes are provided to the best of our ability without shorting the piece in question. Due to volume and space constraints, TAA Design Studio will not be responsible for the handling and return of excess client fabric. Deposits made for any work are not refundable if an order is cancelled. 


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